CAN BONI" gallery opened a new exhibition of paintings by AYUNA

Last Friday the "CAN BONI" art gallery taking all sanitary norms and instructions with mandatory use of masks and access to the exhibition in small groups, organized the presentation of a new exhibition of paintings by the original artist Ayuna Kanatkaliyeva (AYUNA) under the title "POWER & ENERGY".

Working in the style of "naive art", the artist creates on her paintings original, surprisingly pure, poetic and sublime art worlds, in which the ideal naive harmony between nature and man prevails. Ayuna is in constant creative search, mastering new techniques and trends in the fine arts, preserving in her work a passionate love for landscapes and gravitation towards abstraction, and sometimes even cubism. Ayuna's works are invariably charged with extraordinary power and energy.

Director of the gallery Ekaterina Korotkina explained that "Ayuna is one of the first artists of "CAN BONI" and added that "we like the energy emitted by her works, all her paintings are very sensual in its depths".

The presentation of the new exhibition of AYUNA’s paintings was attended by fans of contemporary art, collectors, artists, gallery owners.

AYUNA said that "the energy that comes from the paintings presented at the exhibition, among other things, is calm and charged to the energy purification of the interior". When it comes to creating her paintings, AYUNA follows a very specific process. "First I read mantras or meditate and then I start painting", - said the artist.

A distinctive feature of her works is the color scheme: the bold use of bright tones and colors, the technique of their combination and plot lines, and in the theme of the works prevails the theme of nature. Here are the mountain slopes of the Alps, fields dotted with bright colours, sea landscapes and underwater fauna. And there are also original abstractions with encrypted meanings.

To date, paintings by Ayuna Kanatkaliyeva are in private collections around the world - Israel, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Russia, Holland, Germany, Colombia, Mexico, India, Spain, USA.

The exhibition "Power and Energy" in "CAN BONI" art gallery will be held till September 11, 2020.
The entrance is free.

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