"Energy of color" has opened the 2020 season at CAN BONI

 Last week the "CAN BONI" gallery presented a new exhibition of works by the artist AYUNA


The beginning of 2020 for the cultural life of the capital of the Balearic Islands - Palma - was marked by a bright event: in the gallery "CAN BONI", which is located in the heart of Palma, between the famous Paseo del Borne and Paseo Maritimo, there was a presentation of a personal exhibition of paintings by the original artist Ayuna Kanatkaliyeva (AYUNA) called "Energy of Color".


After successful exhibitions in 2019 in Moscow (Russia), Montreux (Switzerland) and Ulan-Ude (Buryatia), Ayuna returned to Mallorca with a completely new exhibition of paintings that the public saw. Working in the style of "naive art", the artist creates on her paintings original, surprisingly pure, poetic and sublime art worlds, in which the ideal naive harmony between nature and man prevails.


  This evening the gallery "CAN BONI" gathered many guests from different parts of the world - Spain, Russia, Germany, France, Ukraine, Cuba, etc: admirers of the artist's talent, collectors, gallery owners, artists and friends, including: artists Joan Gibert, Armando Gomes de la Parra, Hanne Holze, Andrey Shchurok, art historian and critic Jaume Llabres, singer Nermin Goenenc, sculptor Miguel Ramón Monegal, TV host Patricia Chinchilla, fashion designer Monica Motta, radio host Sedi Behvarrad, Carlos Ordinas Noguera, Friedrich A. Panizza, Roman Hillmann, friends of Ayuna from Buryatia, who specially flew to her exhibition in Palma, the artist's daughters - Lilia and Khanda, and many others.

Ayuna personally presented her exhibition "Energy of Color", consisting of about fifty paintings made by acrylic. The distinctive feature of her works is the color scheme: daring use of bright tones and colors, the technique of their combination and storyline, and the theme of the works is dominated by nature. There are mountain slopes of the Alps, fields dotted with bright colors, sea landscapes and underwater fauna. And there are also original abstractions with encrypted meanings. For example, a series of works charged with special energy for love, health and prosperity.

“I paint my paintings in a state of trance, meditation. Sometimes I do not even understand what happens to me at these moments - I feel like a conductor of information from above, which I transform into stories on my paintings. But one thing I know for sure - my paintings are very energetic and clearly help me - to cope with the flow of positive energy received, and to those who have my work take root in the aftermath - they charge the house for happiness and good luck. I am very grateful to the "CAN BONI" gallery for another opportunity to show my new works to a wide range of art lovers - the inhabitants of the Balearic Islands and visitors to Palma from all over the world. This is very important to me!"  - summed up the artist.

The guests of the presentation looked at the exhibition leisurely, enjoying the style of Ayuna's work, savoring the color palette and the artist's deep inner world, treated themselves to white wine and generously shared their impressions of what they saw, giving the culprit of the celebration pleasant comments.

To date, the paintings by Ayuna Kanatkaliyeva are in private collections around the world - Israel, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Russia, Holland, Germany, Colombia, Mexico, India, Spain, USA. It is gratifying that the paintings of Ayuna evoke lively interest of the public and replenish private collections of art lovers, which is once again proved by the organization of a new exhibition of the artist's works in the gallery "CAN BONI".

The exhibition "Energy of color" in the "CAN BONI" gallery will be held until January 27, 2020. Entrance is free.

ADDITIONS. Ayuna Kanatkaliyeva is a young but already popular artist from Siberia (Russia) who has lived in Spain (Madrid, Palma de Mallorca) for many years. She works in the genre of "naive visual art”, distinguished by the simplicity of forms, clarity and formal spontaneity of the visual and expressive language. In the same genre paintings were painted by such outstanding artists of the twentieth century without special artistic education, as the Frenchman Henri Rousseau and Georgians Niko Pirosmani, who created real masterpieces that entered the treasury of world art. Ayuna came to the fine arts at a mature age after a fateful meeting with the Dalai Lama, who made an indelible impression on her. Since then, she has been working in a state of trance and meditation with paints and canvases.

 PHOTO: Oscar Lagarrotxa (Instagram: @mallorca.in.love Facebook: @oscarlagarrotxa.photography)

Download photos by link: https://gallery.oscarlagarrotxa.com/guestlogin/ayuna/.