"Joy of Life" from Hanne Holze in CAN BONI. Good parodies and unique charm

Gallery "CAN BONI" presents a personal exhibition of original paintings by the artist Hanne Holze


On Friday, September 6, at 7 p.m., the “CAN BONI” gallery (c / Forn de la Gloria, 8 / c / de Can Boneo, 2A) will host an evening of charm - the presentation of a personal exhibition of paintings by the artist Hanne Holze entitled “Joy of Life”.


  Hanne Holze was born in Germany, lived in San Francisco and Hawaii, and since 1998 she chose Mallorca as her home and creative workshop. Hanne painted her first works exclusively in watercolors, and then expanded her creative activities to acrylic and oil painting. The artist's works were exhibited in galleries and museums in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Malta and China. Her paintings are successfully sold not only in Europe, but also in the USA and Japan.  


The works of Hanne Holze are dominated by round forms, with the help of which she mimics people, lovingly showing them in her paintings. The main characters are depicted by the artist in spherical proportions with sometimes curious and almost clumsy anatomy, in soft colors. They convey a sense of harmony and carefree cheerfulness, which is rarely found in this combination in modern art. It gives the works of Hanne Holze their individual and unique charm.


“Painting is an integral part of my life,  says Hanne Holze. It always gave me strength. For many years, initially engaging in antiques, and traveling around the world through art exhibitions, museums, etc., I very quickly came across motives that I always wanted to paint by myself. These are the people. I like to watch people and parody them in my own way, sometimes clumsy, but friendly, in round shapes and warm colors. And the sale of my paintings  for me a confirmation that other people also enjoy the perception of their positive charisma. I really want to please you with my works from the “Joy of Life” collection, which I personally will present on September 6 at 19.00 in the CAN BONI Gallery”, - the artist comments.    


The exhibition "Joy of Life" at the CAN BONI Gallery will be held from September 6 to September 20, 2019. Free admission.