Katrin Starostenko's "Re_acción" at CAN BONI has triggered an active public REaction

 Last week the presentation of the personal exhibition of works by the Ukrainian artist-ecologist Katrin Starostenko took place

Last Friday in the gallery "CAN BONI" (c/ Forn de la Gloria, 8 / c/ de Can Boneo, 2A) there was a presentation of the personal exhibition of paintings and installations of the Ukrainian artist-ecologist Katrin Starostenko under the name "Re_acción", made of secondary biodegradable materials.  

This evening, the CAN BONI gallery was full of guests - friends of the gallery, artists, collectors, photographers, businessmen, journalists, and, importantly, representatives of environmental organizations gathered to see the original works of current environmental issues: Mallorca's Resilience Center, CLEANWAVE Association, etc., with whom the artist collaborates fruitfully on environmental protection issues and then creates her works from recycled products, trying to reduce her eco-surface on the planet and creating unique art objects that successfully find their homes all over the world. Her works are already in private collections in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, France, Italy, Turkey, Georgia, India and Nepal.

Katrin Starostenko, who has lived in Mallorca for the past five years, personally presented her exposition, which consists of two dozen conceptual works painted and produced in the period from 2014 to 2019.

- Various works are presented here, where the main material used, as it may seem to many people, is garbage. But not for me, - says Katrin Starostenko. These are my treasures, and every piece of microplastics or tetrabrick from milk or juice is carefully chosen to be used in the work and then turned into a work of art. As Le Corbusier said: "This is an object of poetic reaction”. I would like to say that this is not only my exhibition only! Various organizations have joined in, and I am very grateful to them! Why!? Because almost every day in the gallery will be held various events: movies, round tables, workshops! I invite you! We will have a pleasant and useful time in the CAN BONI Gallery! - the artist shares her impressions.

The original exposition provoked an active reaction from the guests of the presentation, they looked at the presented exhibition with interest, studying every detail to understand what kind of material is made of this or that work; to the exotic sounds of the hang were treated with white wine, and generously shared impressions of what they saw, giving pleasant comments.

“Katrin shows her conceptual vision of what we do to some extent," says Luis Llabres, director of the Mallorca's Resilience Center. Namely, to some extent, to restore the lifestyles of the past, where almost everything is in use and is not thrown away! At our Resilience Center, we want to show people a lifestyle where a person from almost nothing can do so much!  Thanks to Katrin for her talent, which turns garbage into perfect artworks! This is very valuable for everyone and for the planet as a whole," comments Luis Llabres.

The Re_acción exhibition at the CAN BONI Gallery will take place from 8 November to 21 November 2019. Entrance is free.

PHOTO: Óscar Lagarrotxa (Instagram: @mallorca.in.love Facebook: @oscarlagarrotxa.photography)

Download high quality photos at: https://oscarlagarrotxaphotography.pixieset.com/katrinstarostenkocanboni/