CAN BONI ART Gallery presents a new exhibition of works by AYUNA

Friday, August 14th at 19. 00 CAN BONI Art Gallery (c/ Forn de la Gloria, 8 / c/ de Can Boneo, 2A) will be filled with a riot of colours and extraordinary strong energy - this evening, taking into account all sanitary norms and instructions, with the mandatory use of masks and access to the exhibition in small groups, there will be a presentation of a new exhibition of paintings by the original artist Ayuna Kanatkaliyeva (AYUNA) titled "Power and Energy".

Working in the style of "naive art", the artist creates on her paintings original, surprisingly pure, poetic and sublime art worlds, in which the ideal naive harmony between nature and man prevails. Ayuna is in a constant creative search, mastering new techniques and trends in the fine arts, preserving in her work a passionate love for landscapes and gravitation towards abstraction, and sometimes even cubism. Ayuna's works are invariably charged with extraordinary power and energy.

“This exhibition is special to me. Within a month, lovers of the fine arts of the Balearic Islands and guests from all over the world will be able to see in my works different Ayunas - tender and strict, meek and pushy, understandable and strange. The paintings selected for this exhibition are my condition, my inspiration and my thoughts. In general, it is my whole life! But one thing I know for sure - my paintings are very energetic and clearly help me and myself - to cope with the flow of positive energy received, and those who have my work take root in the aftermath - they charge the house for happiness and good luck. Thanks to gallery "CAN BONI" for another opportunity to showcase my new work” - summed up the artist.

Distinctive feature of her works is the color scale: daring use of bright tones and colours, the technique of their combination and storyline, and in the theme of works prevails theme of nature. Here are the mountain slopes of the Alps, fields dotted with bright colours, sea landscapes and underwater fauna. And there are also original abstractions with encrypted meanings.

To date, paintings by Ayuna Kanatkaliyeva are in private collections around the world - Israel, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Russia, Holland, Germany, Colombia, Mexico, India, Spain, USA. It is gratifying that the paintings of Ayuna evoke lively interest of the public and replenish private collections of art lovers, which is once again proved by the organization of a new exhibition of the artist's works in the gallery "CAN BONI".

The exhibition "Power and Energy" in CAN BONI Art Gallery will be held from August 14 to September 11, 2020. Entrance is free.

Ayuna Kanatkaliyeva is a young but already popular artist from Siberia (Russia) who has lived in Spain for many years (Madrid, Palma de Mallorca). She works in the genre of "naive fine arts”, characterized by the simplicity of forms, clarity and formal immediacy of the visual and expressive language. In the same genre paintings were painted by such outstanding artists of the twentieth century without special artistic education, as the Frenchman Henri Rousseau and Georgian Nico Pirosmani, who created these masterpieces that entered the treasury of world art. Ayuna came to the fine arts, being already at a mature age, after a fateful meeting with Dalai Lama, who made an indelible impression on her. Since then, she has been working in a state of trance and meditation.


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